OpenMap Development Tanzania

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Our maps inspired by Local People, Local Devices, Open knowledge

All About OMDTZ

OMDTZ is a local NGO in Tanzania dedicated on different humanitarian activities and development through the use of open data, mapping and trainings on data use to make evidence based decisions

Our Core Values

Capacity Building

One major role of Open map development Tanzania is Capacity Building to local government official, local people, non government organizations and students in data based decision. In order to achieve that, OMDTZ conduct trainings, workshops and events whereby people from different professional background empowered in Geospatial Data from collection to visualization

Data Collection

Geospatial and non geospatial data collection infrastructure with ability to processes the data, digitally stores and securely maintains of the infrastructures. We have well trained personnel with high experience that can deal with data collection tools form survey designing by using xls form, deploying to digital platforms like opendatakit (odk), Openmapkit (odk), and able to use remote host to deploy server.

Data Analysis & Management

With data now being a critical source of competitive advantage, organisations are constantly seeking, newer methods to identify, managing and analyze the data they generate. At open map development Tanzania we have well trained personnel that can work with the data that is collected by any technology and any scale.​


Our Patners